Science Saturday- Animals Behaving Badly

This weeks Science Saturday is all about the brilliant BBC special ‘Animals Behaving Badly’. It’s a three-part series presented by the fantastic Liz Bonnin on the innovative and mischievous behaviours that help animals mate, get food and survive. I find documentaries about animals and their adaptations fascinating, it used to be one of my favourite topics to teach. This series showcases the sheer ingenuity of the creatures that share this planet with us and how they have adapted in order to survive.

You can catch it on iplayer here.

There’s some truly outrageous behaviour on display lying, cheating, cannibalism and promiscuity!I’ve picked a couple to show you (minus any spoilers) and these beautiful photographs are from the BBC website.

If this is something you’re interested in I’d also highly recommend the Odd Couple series which is also available on catchup or my favourite, the documentary on frogs, which I wrote more about here.

The fertility cycle of the female Prairie dog is only 6 hours long! So she has to use her time wisely.

Question Image

The praying mantis female has an unusual fertility diet, just be glad she’s not asking you out on a date.

Question Image

These monkeys have a rather unusual way to apologise.

Question Image

The reason why Tigers are orange is fascinating.

Question Image

Boxer crabs may well be beautiful but they are lethal fighters.





Wednesday Wishlist- Danielle V Green

Todays Wednesday Wishlist is a smorgasbord of colour, with a gorgeous selection of Danielle’s pins and art prints. Just click on each item to be taken to the Etsy page.

First up is this be-ewe-tiful little lady perfect for my many knitter/crochet friends.


This lady is a woman after my own heart with her love of ice cream. She’d be great on any wall or fridge to remind you of the wonders of the frozen delight!

I would happily add this to my gallery wall it’s whimsical and beautiful what’s not to love?


Lastly is this absolutely stunning Sedna print, I’d have this next to the Whale print in my room.



You can check out more of Danielle’s beautiful work here.

What do you think? Is there anything you’d like to own? I’m aiming to feature more independent shops in the Wednesday Wishlist, any you want to be featured? Let me know.


Lucy x

Tuesday Tips- Shower Edition

Yes, I know more alliteration! I could say that this is all to improve my SEO but really I just love a catchy headline.

So to start us off on this new feature I’m focusing on two items I use every time I shower which have made my life much easier.

First up is this little gadget.

Doesn’t look like much, but trust me it’s a game changer. Commonly known as a sink strainer or as I like to call it a sink saver it’s an absolute asset for all us shower users but particularly those of us that moult like it’s the middle of summer all year along.

You place it in your plug hole, wash your hair as usual and then all that hair that would normally go down the drain is captured by the strainer. You then can easily remove the hair and throw it away without damaging your nails in the process.

Not only is it so simple to use it’s also an absolute bargain you could get one here for the grand total of £2.39.


The second item in my shower/hair washing evolution is for my fellow spoonies.

Slatted Bath Seat


Now in full transparency, I cannot for the life of me find where my shower seat/bath seat is from so this shower seat is not the one I use. However, this is very similar and has good reviews. The suction cups on the bottom mean that once placed (and slightly pressed down) in the bath this seat is secure and steady enough to sit on whilst bathing/washing your hair. It’s also relatively lightweight so if you share your bathroom with someone who would need this removing it is easy to take in and out of the bath. Lastly, it’s comfortable which I know for so many of us with more sensitive skin/tissue can be a problem.

I have found sitting on the seat has made washing my hair so much easier and takes up a lot less energy and I am a sucker for energy saving, so I can ‘spend’ it on something more exciting than washing my hair! It’s also good to sit on to dry yourself or do your lotions and potions and I even (when it was out of the bath) sat on it to brush my teeth on a particularly wobbly day. You can get this shower seat here and there are plenty of different designs available to suit everyone’s needs.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the first in the Tuesday series and will be coming back for the next edition. Do you have anything you’d like featured? I’d love to hear from you, so please let me know!


Lucy x