Music updates

Another one of my many passions is music. Every day without fail I can be found singing bits of songs, whole songs and general bits of songs I don’t quite know the rest of! Here are a few that have been high on my playlist the last couple of weeks.

The gorgeous Ella Henderson’s new song Ghost is soulful, catchy and above all an excellent tune! Ella found fame on The X-factor UK where she sang her heart out each week, stunning my friends and me with her versatility and range. Not winning has obviously done her the world of good. I look forward to hearing what she does next.


Next up is the lovely Leah Mcfall another reality show alumni (The Voice UK, season 2). My favourite part of this song? ‘I close my eyes, click my heels’. Wizard of Oz reference? I’m sold.

No idea why this is in my head but rather lovely none the less. The flamingos and I only have eyes for you. It seems to mash with ‘it’s incredible’. Proper little glee mash-up.


Happy listening. Any recommendations, please let me know

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