The Bizarre Baby Name Book

Kendra’s book is featured today as this weeks book spotlight.

I asked Kendra to tell us some more about her book and here is what she had to say:

These days it seems the latest trend is to name your baby the least likely name anyone would use. You’d begin to get the impression that the stranger the name the better. In the news, every day a celebrity has a child and gives it the most creative and unique name possible.

After working for a company that processes high school and university transcripts, I realized this has been going on for at least the past seventeen or eighteen years. Seriously, gone are the days of being in a class of twelve Marys and twenty Joes.

This book is written in an attempt to emphasize the importance of critical thinking and planning for expecting parents, godparents, friends and family of those expecting and/or anyone ever planning to have a child. Although this book is funny, I am here to help the parents, save the children, and keep families together by avoiding the pitfalls of naming your child something they’d live to regret.


As for her favourites?

My favourite/most unusual baby names from the book are:
Toprameniesha               top-ram-men-nee-sha
Sacowai                          su-cow-uh
Derkesha was a mash-up my siblings made up and would call a guy I used to date. You can imagine how I was floored when I saw this name at work.
Thank you to Kendra for popping by.

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