The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric

Mother and daughter team Erin Kurt and Laara Exsnar are inventors of the cute and fun The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric. Using their experiences of nutrition and teaching they have created a fun way for families to learn about healthy eating whilst enjoying the adventures of both Celia and Cedric.


Celia is bored. And with everyone in her family busy she doesn’t know what to do…until her dad gives her a task that leads to her best day ever; the day she meets Cedric and their yummy adventures begin!


After a rainy night Celia had a fun idea as usual. Who knew that what started out as mud and grass clippings would turn out to be the most delicious, delectable snack they or anyone else had tasted…yes, even her teenage brother, Jake.


Celia and Cedric meet a new friend!  In this new adventure, they meet the little green dragon who becomes a fun playmate and an inspiration for a yummy new recipe. Celia and Cedric enjoy the Little Green Dragon’s smoothie and you can too!

Their passion for healthy eating and nutrition is shown not just in the books but in their own lives too! Laara writes:  my 3 year old granddaughter, Kaia, wasn’t that keen on eating blueberries, so her mother decided to get her involved in making a blueberry sauce for pancakes.

Kaia, like most kids, enjoys measuring, adding ingredients to recipes, mixing and stirring.  She also loves putting on the little apron and chef’s hat that grandma (me!) made for her.

While preparing the sauce, Kaia was “eyeing” the berries keenly as she dropped them into the saucepan and stirred.  She said, “Well, maybe I’ll eat just one!”  Once the sauce and pancakes were ready to eat and the table set, with the sauce as the main attraction, the family sat down to eat.  Kaia’s brother exclaimed, “This blueberry sauce is so yummy!”  Mommy said, “Kaia made it.”  Kaia ended up having 3 servings. Picky eater of blueberries no more!

The quickest way to transform your picky eat is to get your kids involved in growing, tasting, touching, and making meals.  This results in a familiarity, a bonding effect with the food.

Thank you to Laara and Erin for stopping by, the adventures of Cedric and Celia look great and yummy too! Nutrition and healthy eating are something I  have recently been thinking about a lot. Most of us know the basics of what we should and shouldn’t eat but, it can be very easy to think we are putting this in to action when we really aren’t. So empowering children with the knowledge of where there food comes from, what it does and why we should eat certain foods, can only be a good thing.

What are your thoughts on this?



2 thoughts on “The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric

  1. What a lovely review of our NEW book series, Lucy. Thank you! We are thrilled that you enjoyed them and that you feel they are of value to young children and families just like we do. Much appreciation for sharing our books with your audience…and yes, there will be many more to come!


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