Favourite Bloggers 2

Today’s post is all about three more of my favourite bloggers. I love the idea of highlighting your favourite bloggers and sharing the hard work people put in to their blog spaces, whilst spreading positivity in a (lets be frank) medium which can often be quite negative. I love the powers of the internet, so today I’m using it to celebrate some brilliant ladies. Enjoy!

Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks Petal Review Blog 2015

Belle Chaton

The lovely Sophie writes about fashion, beauty and general loveliness. Her lipstick game is on point! She also regularly reviews places she has visited as well as products and I’ve bought numerous health and beauty products on her recommendation, she is never wrong!- check her out here


Your Photo

Ally in Blunderland

The gorgeous Ally always writes excellent posts whether they be on friendship, beauty products (always brilliantly honest reviews) or her latest collaboration, she is honest, funny and utterly charming – check her out here



Miss Imogen Smith

Another lifestyle blogger (seeing a theme yet?!) the creative Miss Imogen writes interesting posts, with beautiful pictures about fashion, jewellery and life in general (her spring to do list is an excellent idea). I’ve followed her for a few years now and have seen her blossom in to a sophisticated blogger with high quality content, definitely worth a read.- check her out here


I hope you have enjoyed my Favourite Bloggers part 2. You can check out my Favourite Bloggers part one here. I follow so many different bloggers, I’m delighted to be able to share them with you.

Do you have any favourites you’d recommend?


4 thoughts on “Favourite Bloggers 2

  1. Hello Lucy, I just stumbled across this blog post, and I’m so delighted you’re enjoying my blog! Thank you so much for putting me in your favourite bloggers post, put a smile on my face! x


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