Author Spotlight- Sophie Weeks



Meet Sophie:

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Sophie Weeks received a Masters degree in English Literature from Mills College in 2006 and completed her PhD in Victorian Literature at Rice University in 2013. Sophie resides in Payson, Arizona with three furry miscreants, who are wanted in multiple states for criminal adorableness. She is also the author of the whimsical Sherlockian pastiche, Outside the Spotlight.

Summary of Spirits Manifest

Two ordinary young women, new to adulthood, seeking to define their futures against a world that has already defined them. Two uncanny encounters with a world of spirits hostile and benign. This intriguing collection contains two novels that deftly blend poignant human drama with unleashed supernatural bonds. Two stories of hope, and finding the courage to break from traditions that haunt us.




“Margaret, get the broom,” Jon snapped in the voice that wasn’t ever disobeyed, not by hands or

children or cows or anyone. Margaret moved quickly to the pantry to find it. “What’s going on?” “Bull’s out, and he’s running all the hell over the place.” “Ah, Dad …” and Margaret’s voice was nearly as whiny as a teenager’s herself. “Get Rob or Gene to saddle up.”

“They’re out laying in the rest of the winter wheat. Any longer and it won’t get established before the snow comes. Come on.”

“Can we come?” Sam begged with a child’s inerrant nose for excitement.

“Homework done?” Jon said, and when the two girls shook their heads, he shook his as well. “Get it done. Margaret …” “All right,” she snapped, pulling on her coat. “Do you even know where he “Near enough,” Jon said, leading her to the truck. As soon as she was inside and buckled up, he lit off across the fields, ignoring the roads, and the jolts were so strong that Margaret was sure she was going to chip a tooth just from how her jaw kept smacking shut at the impact.

“There he is!” Jon called finally, pointing at the big, heavy figure tearing around.“What am I supposed to do, hit him with the broom?” “No, smack him with the handle. He won’t even notice the other end.” “You want me to beat a bull with a broomstick. This is insane.” But Margaret rolled down her window and got her broom ready. Jon sped up, then pulled in close to the bull, honking and doing his best to scare the beast without hurting him. Margaret dutifully poked out her window with the broom handle, trying to make him turn around. This was beyond ridiculous. She could be at school right now. She could be with her friends, sharing a bottle of wine. Instead, she was trying to poke a bull with a stick.

“Be rough with him!” Jon shouted, and Margaret looked frustrated. She wasn’t going to just lay into a bull, even though she knew rationally that he wouldn’t feel it much even if she beat him with all her strength. “Hold the truck steady, will you?” She gave another savage poke at the bull’s hindquarters, but just then the truck flew up in the air after hitting a rock, and her poke went amiss, to a place where no male animal likes to be poked.


Thanks to Sophie for dropping by.



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