Music Monday- the best of you

I have been a fan of The Foo Fighters for many years since my friend introduced me to them in secondary school. I was even fortunate enough to watch them play Wembley, they were of course, brilliant. So this weeks Music Monday is dedicated to the one and only Foo Fighters. Enjoy.



Learn to fly- I defy you not to at least tap vigorously to this song. The video is brilliant, Dave Grohl makes a very attractive woman and bonus points for spotting the famous cameo! Watch here.


Everlong- One of the first songs I bought for my iPod. Everlong always makes me want to dance around my kitchen like a fool. So good. Watch here. 

Best of you- I have such fond memories of listening to this whilst at uni. Dave Grohl perfectly en-captures the feeling of a post-breakup. Watch here.



Walking after you– perhaps not best known for their quieter love songs, this is a beautiful example of the superb lyrics and vocals of the Foos. Enjoy here.


What do you think of this weeks Music Monday? Are you a fan of the Foos? Do you like these new themed Music Mondays?

Let me know.



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