Music Monday- Look for the rainbow in every storm.

The Spice Girls play a large part in my childhood memories, from collecting (and feverishly swapping) their stickers, pretending to be them (I was sporty only because I could sing the high notes) in the playground, their first appearance on Top of the Pops (back when it was obligatory viewing) to when they launched channel five. Yes, we only used to have four channels, the launching of channel 5 was a really big deal! Man, I feel old. Queens of girl power, enjoyment of life and love and the importance of friendship.

So this weeks Music Monday is dedicated to the one and only Spice Girls. Here are just a few of my spicy favourites. Enjoy!

Does it make sense? No. Did we care? No. Does the video contain some inexplicable weirdness (robbing a homeless man of his hat?)? Yes. Minus the last point, don’t worry, just sit back and enjoy. Slam, slam, slam your body all around and Zig-a-zig-ah.


Next stop, the desert. That’s right it’s time for Say you’ll be there. I think Mel B might be to blame for my love of leopard print. I loved this video. Also, there’s an accordion in this song, enough said. Watch it here.

Let’s slow it down, 2 become 1. A song all about sex and relationships, which also contains a safe-sex reference. Go Spice Girls! I remember loving this video, thinking it was so classy and also feeling very grown up singing this! Watch it here.

This video was so sad, and I really liked the Spice fairies (even though they are quite creepy looking). This was when Geri left, and they were never quite the same. Rather poignant and really quite upsetting video on second viewing!

Watch it here.

Let’s end on a positive. Spice up your life here. Do you remember the moves? I might do.

Special mention goes to Goodbye, Mama (my mums favourite), Too much ( you need to watch the movie) and If U can’t Dance.

Spice Girls we salute you! x


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