Music Monday-Missy Elliott special

This weeks Music Monday is a Missy Elliott special. Did you see her perform at the Superbowl with Katy Perry? If not check it out, absolutely brilliant. As much as I do love her (brings back wonderful memories of my late teens), I only listen to the clean versions. I’ve only picked a couple from her back catalogue (it’s huge), enjoy!


First up is We run this. Check it out here. Whistles, bells, drums and chants, what more could you want?

Next is lose control ft Ciara and Fatman Scoop (brilliant hype man). Missy does excellent music videos. Watch it here.

Absolute classic work it. If you know all the lyrics you’re much better than I am! Sing along here.

Two of her (many) collaborations:

Ciara- 1,2, step

Lastly, the hugely underated Tweet Turn da lights off

Do you have a favourite Missy track?

Let me knowx




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