Spotlight- Nancy Christie

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Nancy Christie is this weeks Spotlight Author, enjoy.


Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories

The characters in “Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories” are unable or unwilling to seize control over their lives, relying instead on coping methods that range from the passive (“The Healer”) and the aggressive (“The Clock”) to the humorous (“Traveling Left of Center”) and hopeful (“Skating on Thin Ice”). But the outcomes may not be what they anticipated or desired. Will they have time to correct their course or will they crash?  (


Who are your favourite authors?

There are so many (I have always been a great reader so the list is endless!) but here is a shortened list: Agatha Christie (both her fiction and non-fiction), Ray Bradbury, Mark Helprin (more on his book below), Isaac Asimov, Enid Blyton (from my childhood reading), Shirley Jackson (of course!),  Jules Verne… I have a very eclectic reading list!


What inspired you to write this book?

I have always been intrigued by people who view life in a slightly skewed way and who find it challenging, if not impossible, to make safe, sane choices. Some of the stories had their genesis in actual events or conversations, others were purely imaginary. But all seemed real to me by the time I finished them.


Is there a theme or message that you want the readers to take away from the book?

To have a sense of sympathy and understanding for those who are struggling through life. It’s so easy to think we know how we would react in certain situations but we can’t know that for sure, can we? So don’t be so quick to judge another’s choices or criticise another for their mistakes.

What was the last book you read?

The Norton Book of Women’s Lives. I am fascinated by insights gleaned from other writers’ experiences. It makes me, as a writer, feel less alone to know what others have felt about their life and their work.

What’s your favourite Winter themed book?

That’s easy: Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin— a great tapestry of a novel that you will wrap yourself up in for hours.


Summarise your book in 3 sentences

Traveling Left of Center is about people who cannot or will not gain control over their lives and so end up traveling left of center. Some pull back onto the right side of the road at just the last minute, some don’t make it in time. And others weave back and forth across the center line, courting disaster but managing to escape it at the very last minute.


Thank you to Nancy for popping by.


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