Path to Freedom- a review

Occasionally I am sent review requests (if you’d like to request a review, please fill out your details on the about page). Conrad Taylor asked me to review his book Path to Freedom, which I was happy to do.

Who is Conrad Taylor?

Conrad Taylor is a former CEO, United States Military Academy graduate and adviser to professionals and executives. Path to Freedom is his memoir.

What’s it about?

Path to Freedom follows Conrad’s story from his life in Guyana (a country I previously knew little about) to his days in the United States Military Academy and his return to his home country. The book is set mainly in the 1960’s and 1970’s with some additional earlier history of Guyana. The book shows how the suspicion of the United States was high and the difficulties an United States educated boy from Guyana had upon his return.

What did I think?

Overall I found the Path to Freedom a fascinating read, with many aspects of history (the cold war) interwoven with unique viewpoints of West Point (American military training facilities) and life in Guyana as well as Conrad’s relationships. There is definitely something for everyone.

I don’t normally read memoirs, preferring fictional accounts as my form of escapism. Admittedly there were times where I found it hard to read, when going over the difficulties of the cold war and the intense nature of the historical facts.

However it was worth the challenge and following my experience with Path to Freedom I will definitely branch out  to more non-fiction reads this year.

Path to Freedom is available to purchase here.


Thank you to Conrad for sending me his memoir to read.


Are you a fan of non-fiction books? What books do you have on your to read list?



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