Book Spotlight- Underground Rumours by Tim Jopling

When Tim contacted me to ask if we could feature his new book ‘Underground Murmurs’ on booksandbrooches, I was happy to help. I’m a big fan of thrillers, particularly crime thrillers on both the small screen and in paper form. Tim kindly sent over excerpts from his book, to give us a taste of what Underground Murmurs is all about.


Underground Murmurs is book one in a five book series that cover the epic struggle between Akira and the West. These stories focus on the world of MI6, its elite team S.U.C.O. (Special, Undercover, Covert, Operations), and its Western allies as they face a new threat from the East, one they have never encountered before. At the forefront is the mentor relationship between complex MI6 veteran Thomas Deane, and the younger, more volatile S.U.C.O. team leader Sam Olsen. Lurking in the background is Akira, a deadly and mysterious character, who is unknown to all Western authorities and is guided by the voice of his dead wife Madeline. Hell bent on changing the world forever to match his vision, he is dedicated to wiping out the West and instigating worldwide change any way he can.


Book Excerpt One

In his mind he could feel her presence, as clearly as if she were next to him that very moment. Seconds passed until he heard no more and he rose to his feet, leaving the body behind him. Within minutes, he had leapt from the riverbank into the nearby Alexandrovsky Gardens. Every inch of it was now covered with snow and a bitterly cold wind rustled the branches of the trees. With each step, Akira made a silent promise to himself and his dead

wife. His destiny was somewhere in the future and on that day, the West and its hypocritical governments would fall, and the world would change forever.

This was just the start…


Book Excerpt Two

Olsen could feel the emotion welling up in his throat and wondered whether he had picked up a hint of failure in his friend’s tone of voice. Deane had saved his life on numerous occasions, had trained him to be an effective government agent, and more than anything, instilled in him the cause to fight on behalf of his country. ‘I’ll contact you Tom.’

Deane remained in the doorway, continuing to look away. ‘Just be careful…….Sam…’ Olsen gave his long time partner an emotion filled hug and quickly walked down the stairs to the street below, not wanting to stay another moment, in case he changed his mind.


If you’d like to know about Tim and his work, click here to visit his Goodreads page.

Thank you to Tim for getting in touch, this looks an interesting read. Let me know if you read Underground Murmurs and if you have any preferences/ideas for future spotlights.

Lucy x







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