Music Monday- Knowles Sisters Special

As the title suggests this weeks Music Monday is all about Beyonce and Solange Knowles. I’ve picked a couple of favourites for each as I am a huge fan of both of them.

Firstly Queen B

Ring off, super sweet ode to her mum and life after her parent’s divorce is a wonderful tribute to a mum who has survived the battle of divorce but could be the anthem for anyone coming out of a painful split.

7/11 (I ignore the name, as this was a tragic day).

This is my new badass walking/get pumped on the way to work tune. The lyrics are ridiculous and the melody is infectious. Where your hands?

Honourable mentions: Grown Woman, Flaws and all.

Super Stylish Solange

Lovers in the parking lot– fantastic beat and brilliant dance moves. Lost love lament.

Losing you

Such a catchy beat will get you at the very least moving your head. Solange writes perfectly about each stage of a relationship, this song tracks the dying end of one.

Honourable mentions: T.O.N.Y, Sandcastle and I decided.


Are you a fan of the sisters? Any favourites you would have chosen instead?




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