What I watch (or my love for good TV shows).

During the winter months and when I’m not quite up to venturing outside (more often than not of an evening) I love to listen to music, read books and watch TV. Some evenings reading is too arduous a task and you want automatic passive entertainment- enter the Television. I don’t actually have a TV so have to watch everything on catchup sights, which have made staying connected to my favourite TV shows extremely easily.

Current loves:

BBC- Some Girls (comedy)

I really enjoyed series one and two of Some Girls so am pleased to see it back for a third series. The show follows the lives of four friends Viva, Holli, Saz and Amber from their final years in school, with the current series following them in their late teens in sixth form (age 17/18). This show is definitely NSFW nor for younger viewers as some of the language and topics covered are explicit. However, the topics are covered in honest, realistic ways with the girls struggling and striving through many common issues for teenagers (and adults!) and despite their differences, their friendship is refreshing and well written. Highly recommended.

Sky: NCIS Los Angeles (crime drama)- older seasons on Channel 5.

I resisted NCIS: LA for as long as possible as I didn’t need another series to follow. Yet, one evening I was looking for something to watch and up popped NCIS: LA and with nothing better to do, I watched it. Despite the far-fetched twists and turns in the case of the week and the agent’s lives, it is surprisingly good. I may or may not have quite a crush on LL Cool J since I started watching this, but I defy you not to! The chemistry between the leads is excellent and other members of the team are all interesting, particularly Hetty. Hetty the head of operations, looks exactly like the designer in the movie The Incredibles! Sheer coincidence I think, but brilliant none the less.

Sky: Grey’s Anatomy (medical drama)

When Grey’s first started I watched it religiously, I loved McSteamy and McDreamy, Meridith and Yang (and co) as much as the weekly (often ludicrous) cases. Then it all got a bit too much, people were dying left, right and centre and the show didn’t so much as jump the shark as leapfrog the whole school of them. So what brought me back? Simple, Yang. Spoiler alert: Yang was leaving and I had to say goodbye, had to see how her story would end. One episode grew to two then three and I was hooked again. We are now in Season 11, yes the stories are still often ridiculous, but (maybe I’m getting sentimental in my old age) I’m invested in these stories. What’s going on with MerDer? Don’t get me started on Callie. So Shonda Rhimes, you have done it again, I’m back.

Sky: Modern Family (comedy)

I wanted to see Modern Family as soon as it first started, but it wasn’t until I was at my friends’ house a few years ago that I finally caught up the show, and I am so glad I did. Shot in a mockumentary style the series follows members of the Pritchett family and their extended family. Every family member is so well written and believable that you completely fall in love with them. So many of their everyday situations resonant close to home that you will soon feel that you know them. Having watched all of the seasons (now on Season 6) it’s been great seeing the relationships (and the child actors) grow and develop. At times laugh out loud funny, cringe-worthy, thought-provoking and sweet. Modern Family is an absolute delight.


Honourable mentions (may write more about these in the future):

Scorpion (ITV),  CSI (Channel 5), Gotham (Channel 5), Mindy Project (Channel 4), Big Bang Theory (Channel 4), Rizzoli and Isles (Alibi).

Can’t wait for these to return: Castle(Sky), Detectorists (BBC), Person of Interest (5).


Do you have any favourites that you must watch?




2 thoughts on “What I watch (or my love for good TV shows).

    1. It’s not. She was the sun. Yet the rest are so well written I really want to find out what happens! Heard Homeland is good (and intense!). Cam and Mitchell are just so incredibly funny.


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