Music Monday

It’s time for another instalment of Music Monday! A rundown of my favourite music this week. I hope you enjoy this weeks tunes. Let me know what you think!

Cheryl- I don’t care (clean).

Cheryl is back with an upbeat don’t give a damn attitude, sure to make you get up and dance your cares away.

Watch Cheryl’s (flawless inspired) video here. I also really want to wear Leopard print eye makeup now.

Sia Chandelier.

Sia is a voice if not a name you will be very familiar with (she-wolf, titanium, breathe me etc.) and this time around she is going it alone. Chandelier is an absolute stunner of a song, beautiful lyrics and a very catchy tune.

Watch the video here.


Taylor Swift- Blank Space

I love Taylor Swift and was eagerly anticipating the release of her new album. I have had Blank Space pretty much on repeat each day since the video was released. The video is brilliantly funny and knowing (lots of nods to her ‘reputation’). Watch out for the ‘long list of lovers lyrics’, I was adamant it was ‘call up my Starbucks lovers’.

Watch this here.

Let me know what you think!






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