The Parent agency- David Baddiel


As we have now established I love reading (nearly) all types of books regardless of genre and target age. Some of my favourite books are aimed at children and I have read some absolutely shockingly awful books for ‘adults’. So with this in mind, I was very excited when after applying (via Bloggers Required) to review the Parent Agency I was sent a copy in the post. As my copy is for proofreading/review and not for sale, the illustrations weren’t included. However, having seen the illustrations by Jim Field in the ‘look inside’ section of the Amazon website (see here) I think they are an excellent addition to the book.

The Parent Agency was inspired by David Baddiel’s children and the idea ‘if there are adoption agencies for children, then why can’t you adopt parents?’ I’m sure at some point most children have wished for different parents or thought their friend’s parents who are richer/cooler/more laid back etc would be much more fun to live with. This is exactly what Barry Bennett wants and he’s even compiled a list! After a literally explosive argument with his boring family, Barry enters a world in which parents, not children are adopted. He is able to try out different types of parents with often hilarious results.

Without spoiling the (slightly predictable, yet enjoyable) ending, this is a funny, at times heartfelt story which explores the true meaning and value of family, and I would recommend this for younger readers (and their parents). Certainly a contender for the Christmas list.

Watch David Baddiel talk more about his book:


Have you read anything by David Baddiel? What did you think?



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