Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink!


Tonight the splash hit (pun intended) musical Urinetown is holding a special charity gala to support Water.org. Proceeds from the gala will go towards the charity and is just the start of their collaboration.

Urinetown (Apollo theatre) is a futuristic dystopian (of course) musical where the Earth’s water supplies have dwindled so low that private toilets are now against the law! As far-fetched (and fabulous) as this sounds, access to clean water and sanitation is a serious issue, which unfortunately is not a given for a large proportion of the world’s population.


Every minute at least one child dies due to water-related illnesses, such as cholera. Which are all easily preventable (with good sanitation and clean water access) and treatable. Founded by Matt Damon and Gary White Water.org works with local communities to create innovative initiatives to ensure everyone had access to safe water and sanitation. You can learn more about the charity at http://water.org and http://www.facebook.com/water.


“Urinetown’s dystopian future does not have to be a prediction unless we make it so.  We are delighted that the production can assist the mission of Water.org whilst keeping its audience laughing along the way.” Jamie Lloyd, Director, Urinetown.

I am yet to see Urinetown (it’s on the neverending list of things to do in London). However, I really like the premise and the collaboration with an excellent charity such as Water.org  makes it a must-see. Let me know if you go and see it, and did you make it through a whole sitting without needing to pee!


This is a sponsored post (to help raise awareness of the charity Water.org). All views are my own and I didn’t receive any payment to write this.



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