Science links

My this weeks flown past quickly! Can’t believe it is yet again time for Science Saturday. This time next week it’ll be nearly November, Christmas shopping will commence. Anyway, here are some wonderful links for you to browse at your pleasure. Enjoy!

Live science have collected a wonderful array of scientific images. Check them out here.

Plant root, nikon small world photo This is a close up of a plant root.

Something to listen to with your cornflakes. See what I did there? Kelloggs, cornflakes geddit? Sigh.

Are you a dreamer? I always seem to have the most bizarre dreams and loved learning about various dream theories at school. Discover why we dream here.

#sciencesaturday I am determined to make this a ‘thing’!






Even managed to sneak a frog in. Well can you blame me? Look at this cutie here.

Hear my song: but you'll regret it if you eat me <i>(Image: Pete Oxford/NaturePL)</i>




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