The summer I turned pretty- a review

This was another charity shop find. I’d heard a few people mention it, and with such a pretty cover and name I had no choice but to purchase it! This is part one of a trilogy (with the ending leads nicely into the next book) aimed firmly at teenage girls and those who like to reminisce over summer romances and days gone by.

I must state I’m not a big fan of teen romances in books, mainly as I get annoyed with all the simpering and emphasise on the importance of an attractive guy over everything else. Although this doesn’t happen in every teen romance book (and does in a lot of ‘adult romance’ books), I have read far too many where it has!

Having said this, this book was absolutely fine, although most of it does revolve around her change in appearance and how her guy friends treat her. The main character (Isabel) does have interests and is explored in a realistic way.

The story follows her over one long summer at her mum’s friends beach house and explores her relationships with the boys she has known for many years as well as her best friend and family.

Overall this was a pleasant read perfect for holidays, but I won’t be reading the rest of the trilogy.

Have you read anything else by Jenny Han? What did you think?



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