The food of love cookery school- a review

The food of love cookery school by Nicky Pellegrino.

Luca runs an Italian cookery school in a small town in the mountains in Sicily. Four women; Poppy, Moll, Tricia and Valerie visit his school to learn the wonders of delicious Italian cooking and escape their busy and somewhat complicated lives. They become ensconced in the lives of the locals (including Luca) and each other. Poppy is recently divorced, Moll is a food enthusiast, Valerie is recovering from the death of her partner and Tricia is looking for some well-earned rest. The food is as important as the character progression and just as well written. Not only did I want to eat Italian food after each read (as well as learn to cook it), I’m now desperate to visit Sicily. The Sicilian tourist board must be jumping for joy!

The women’s stories are laced intricately together and there is a steady momentum throughout the book, with a few surprises (pleasant and sad) throughout the way. This was excellent holiday reading and would be a good read in the winter months conjuring up the warmth, taste and beauty of Sicilian cooking.

Well worth a read.


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