Bricks and Mortality- a review.

Image from Lucy Davey illustrations.

I love a good murder mystery, from Agatha Christie to Ian Rankin a whodunnit is an excellent way to pass the time. So I’m always eager to try a new series. I discovered this in a charity shop in Dunfermline and thought for a pound it was worth a try.

Bricks and Mortality is the third in the Campbell and Carter mysteries by Ann Granger, although I don’t think it matters if you read this one first. Set in the Cotswolds, Campbell and Carter (members of the local police force) have to determine who set fire to the abandoned mansion and are they the same person responsible for the burnt body found there? During the investigation, secrets are revealed, identities questioned and loyalties tested.

The case itself has some intriguing moments but I found the ‘big reveal’ quite unsatisfying and the book was about three chapters too long. After the arson and murder are solved the book then continues (unnecessarily) delving into the private lives of the detectives and the main characters. The murder and romance feel like two separate books mashed together, and neither quite lived up to my expectations.

However, this bought to support a good cause and was certainly not the worst book I read on holiday!



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