The Case Of The Missing Servant

Image from Tarquin Halls website.

This is the second book I have read of Tarquin Halls Indian detective Vish Puri, although it is the first in the series! Vish Puri is a rotund, determined and intelligent man with a rather large appetite for delicious Indian delicacies, despite his doctor’s advice and his rather strained trousers and scales! He has a team of helpers including Facecream (mistress of disguise) and Tubelight (great observational skills), who are equally fascinating.

In the case of the missing servant, Vish Puri investigates the alleged murder of the missing maid by one of the countries leading (honest) public litigator, whilst going undercover to scrutinise the suitability of a prospective groom. As he is checking on his potted chillies a mysterious assassin (who thankfully misses) attempts to shoot him. Despite this attempt on his life, Vish seems unconcerned and far more involved in his other two cases. It is left to his Mummy Ji (unbeknownst to him) to find his assassin and stop him.

I have never been to India but would like to go, and I love the evocative descriptions of the surroundings and the food. Whenever I read a book from this series I get incredibly hungry (as Vish never stops eating!), and an Indian cookery course is definitely on my list of things to do.

The characters are all well rounded (some more than others!) and the cases are all intriguing with interesting, yet believable twists. Thoroughly recommended.


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