The Glass God- a book review

Glass Gods by Kate Griffin
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The second in the Magical Anonymous series, by Kate Griffin author of the Matthew Swift novels. I was drawn to this book by the title and the cover, I liked the wet look of the font and the front of the book. However, I was a tad apprehensive after reading the back as it sounded similar to the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch, which I’m such a big fan of.

Thankfully whilst there were some similarities (setting/supernatural elements) there were enough differences to make me want to read it.

Sharon Li is an apprentice shaman and community support officer for the magically inclined (of many shapes and sizes) who runs a support group for members of the magical community (tea and biscuits included). Her assistant (super allergic) IT technician and druid Rhys helps her on her mission to find the missing Midnight Mayor. She converses with lampposts, enjoys the culinary delights of a Troll who would love to be on the Great British Bake Off and discovers parts of London she never knew existed.

There is an ancient being stirring under London and it wants what is owed. Can Sharon find the Midnight Mayor, calm the incoming storm and defeat ancient evil all in time for her weekly meeting?


I enjoyed this book and will be going back to read the other book in the series and the Matthew Swift novels.

If you like this, then give the Rivers of London series a read, they’re excellent.


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