The Vintage Teacup Club

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The Vintage Teacup Club is about three women (Jenny, Maggie and Alison) who meet at a car boot sale after falling in love with the same vintage tea set. As they are all equally enamoured they decide that they will share it, by taking it in turns to use it. Jenny, for her upcoming nuptials, Maggie for a wedding event she is planning and finally Alison will make the tea set into candles (the kind you see in cute little shops, think I could make that, then don’t). They soon become firm friends in that effortlessly rare but special way of meeting kindred spirits. Side note: it is so much harder to make friends when you’re an adult! I think it’s something to do with social conventions and no-one wanting to be the first person to say I like spending time with you, can we be friends?

Anyway, this is a very cute book and the main thing I liked about this (apart from daydreaming about baking and crafting) were the relationships. The friendship between the three main characters felt real and not shiny ‘sex in the city’ TV real (note to self, update cultural references). The characters also have strong friendships with other interesting characters, as well as their partners and the children in the book are well written.

It didn’t take me long to read this, it was nice and light ‘fluffy’ read (in the best way possible), that makes you smile. Perfect summer holiday reading.


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