The oranges- film review

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I first saw this advertised when I was watching film trailers on youtube, and thought it looked interesting with Hugh Laurie as the main attraction. The film follows the aftermath of the scandalous affair between Hugh Lauries (married) character and his best friends (much younger)daughter played by Leighton Meester. To add to the complications Hugh and Leightons families are next door neighbours and she is the same age as his daughter. The supporting class are excellent, I will watch Alison Janney in anything and Oliver Platt and Catherine Keener are perfect.

I was pleased I watched this and thought it was an ok, quiet exploration of the complexities of families and whether ‘being happy is everything’. In an age where we are often told to do whatever makes us happy, it questions what this means and if this is, in fact, the right path to take. The affair happens at the start of the film, other than this very little happens. Characters fall apart, renew, cry and laugh. Altogether this is more a small study (although not a deep one) of human nature than a romantic comedy (as it was sold).

If you do watch it let me know what you think, but I wouldn’t go out of your way to find it.


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