R.I.P.D film review

Image from hdwallpapers.in

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan oh how I loved you in Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, and you were superb in Definitely, Maybe. We won’t mention The Green Lantern (although my Dad and some other people liked it) or your Deadpool cameo in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Despite these I keep watching you in films that I end up disliking or worse am bored with. I still keep watching optimistically. Which is why I tuned in to R.I.P.D. The premise was good, dead cop given the chance to redeem himself by joining the ‘dead’ police force (R.I.P.D- get it?!) by ridding the world of ‘deadoes’ escaped dead who roam the planet as monsters. Good cast too, aforementioned Mr Reynolds is joined by Jeff Bridges (brilliant as always), Kevin Bacon (what isn’t he in?) and Mary Tyler Moore amongst others. Unfortunately despite all of these positives it simply falls short. I described it to my Dad ‘as if someone had watched the first Men in Black Film then changed the story a bit and tried to recreate it’.

Not recommended I’m afraid.

Well Mr Reynolds, until the next one.



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