Case of the deadly butter chicken

The case of the deadly butter chicken follows Vish Puri Indias most private investigator on a journey to discover the culprit behind a murder that happened before his very eyes. Vish puri is a plump, intelligent man with an excellent moustache (he of course belongs to an official club of moustache wearers). Not only was this book entertaining and amusing it was educational. The majority of the book takes place in India but travels back and forth to Pakistan to explore the countries complex history. As a result I’ve read up more on a period of time and events I did not know had happened (and suggest you do the same, after reading). I really enjoyed this book and how it managed to educate me about the aforementioned issues and the controversies surrounding cricket and betting, as well as the culture of India and Pakistan.

The plot is excellently executed, with twists and turns including a subplot of a moustache thief and both reach satisfying but unexpected conclusions. No review can go without mentioning the wonderful Mummy Ji a formidable and fascinating character who carries out (much to her sons chagrin) her own investigation in to the murder.

I’ve now ordered Tarquins two other Vish Puri adventures from the library and expect they too will be brilliant.


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