Something borrowed, someone dead.


The latest in the ongoing saga of Agatha Raisin and her detective agency. Agatha lives in a small village in the Cotswolds which has an alarming crime rate, attracting socio/psychopaths and serial killers. Think Midsomer murders with even more cake and a higher death rate. Despite her success in solving crimes she is hapless in love and has a tendency to fall for the murderer! Agatha is bossy, nosey and an awful cook with great legs! M.C. Beaton has created a vibrant and interesting community in Piddlebury (the village where Agatha lives) and I’d highly recommend you go back to the start of the series to follow Agatha on her various escapades.

In ‘Something borrowed, someone dead’ Agatha is hired to track down a murderer in a nearby village. As soon as she starts investigating the villagers start dropping like flies! Follow her as she falls in love (again!) through a tale of more murders and twists in the tale then you could shake a stick at.

Highly recommended.


2 thoughts on “Something borrowed, someone dead.

  1. Me too. Have you read any of her other series? I’m looking for the first in the Mc Hamish series and my mum loves the Austen era series.
    Thank you for commenting (you were my first!).


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