Canvas pictures



Take one blank canvas, a rubber stamp and a selection of inks. Then after dipping your stamp in your first colour, stamp all over. Clean the stamp, then select your next colour, coat the stamp and stamp all over. Continue this process until you have covered the whole canvas, or the border.

I printed out outlines of the squirrels and rabbit (drawing is not really my forte!). Cut them out, drew round them on the plain side of my material, then cut them out.

I played around with the shapes on my two canvases, until I was happy with their positioning. I then stuck them onto the canvas with PVA glue (be sure to smooth them down as the glue can cause the material to crease).

Lastly I glued my buttons on with the same glue.

Time- approximately 1 hour for both canvases.
Cost- £5 for 4 canvases (the range). Stamps and ink free (courtesy of my friend). £8.80 for large squares of material. £2 for 12 buttons. Material and buttons from my local haberdashery.

I think these are rather cute, Cath Kidston-esque!


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